So, how did we get here?

I’m starting a blog. I want to share my love for creating crafty things with others. Recently I got a Cricut for my birthday! I was super excited and quickly began making things. Tags, cards, thank you notes, etc.  Then I started googling ideas for how to do certain things and techniques and I stumbled across some blogs of people making really super beautiful greeting cards with papers, stamps, watercolors, heat embossing and more. I dabbled in this sort of thing lots of years ago and was really surprised and delighted by how far the handmade and stamped card world had come. I was hooked! I started making some cards and doing some watercolor backgrounds, and then stamped images and it was great! Every time I finished a project I felt relaxed, elated and full of goodness. I remember this feeling. I used to have it, back when I was creating art all the time. See, I’m an artist at heart and life just got so complicated and busy that I really got away from crafty things on a regular basis. Well, NO MORE! I’ve decided that the way it makes me feel in my rushing around, too busy (but joyful) life is way too important to let it get pushed out. Since creating crafty things makes me feel so good, I want to share it with the world. I want to show everyone that no matter their skill level, even if they think they aren’t “crafty” they can still let their creativity flow and feel good because of it! Come craft with me!

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